Self-Reflection Saturday

Peace, freedom, and love are a few of the most expensive God-given gifts that have been scalped by man as their personal commodities. Even though God so loved us that he GAVE His son, that is one act we choose not to follow. However, the greatest gift rarely acknowledged is the gift of choice. He has given the blessed gift to CHHOSE our destiny. What a GIFT!!! As of today, I CHOOSE liberty, serenity, and passion. I CHOOSE INTENTIONALITY, MINDFULNESS, AND OPENNESS to experience. I choose to give learn rather than teach, to give instead of taking, and to simply receive. My dysfunctional relationship with ego no longer serves me. No longer caught up in "the team of me," I'm ready and yielded, signed up for "the process". It's my time to work. It's my time to journey on. I'm a soldier; it's my time to battle. Curiosity won't kill me; it will serve me and those around me. It's my time; it's my time........... #hautemomsrock

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