The Gift of Goodbye

An old friend of mine reminded me of something that, painfully, I had forgotten: the gift of goodbye. He and I were having an exchange that I was struggling with, yet he instructed me to let it go. Unfortunately, I attached thoughts and emotions to it. So much so, that I sent him a text in the middle of the night regarding that dead situation. The next morning, he sent me a Marco Polo message and spoke directly to me. "Hey, I remember you shared a concept with me that I have since made a common practice in my life, and I encourage you to adopt it in EVERY AREA of your life, not just to people. That is the gift of goodbye," he told me (my paraphrased version of his words to me). As difficult as it is to admit, I needed to hear what he said. I needed, and NEED, to let go of a whole lot of stuff that does not need to be carried over into my destiny. None of it adds value to anything. It nurtures pain, breeds negativity, and develops discontentment. So, today I choose to do the work. I choose to start over, again. I choose to grow past my threshold of pain. I choose to worship God, not glory in my tribulations. I choose to thrive, not just survive. I choose joy, not sorrow. I choose to love. I choose to live. And I choose to remember that #hautemomsrock.....


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