Lessons in History

Dr. Bill Cosby & Ms. Debbie Allen were masterminds at teaching history by skillfully bridging the past to the current times. Through shows like the Cosby Show and A Different World, they used their influence in television to help us make connections. I have ALWAYS INSISTED (made) all three of girls watch African American shows snd movies from the past because it is important to me that they understand the shoulders on which they stand. And now that God has brought me to this place of being a Social Studies teacher, I feel an even greater responsibility to give my kids an enriched experience in U.S. History. So after being in Social Studies Boot Camp with Glenn Wiebe, a renowned Social Studies guru, for the past two days and now watching a rerun of A Different World featuring Lena Horne, I am inspired to dig a little deeper and be a better teacher and parent. #hautemomsrock

Photo Credit: Google Images


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