This is me and where I am in my life. It's hard, maybe one of the hardest things for me to be intentional about. Choosing love. How do you REALLY do that? I try not to spend too energy thinking about it, for sometimes I become consumed with it....

 *Insert L. Boogie singing, "When it hurts so bad, when it hurts so bad, why's it feel so good..."*

In being transparent with my children, I confess to them that vulnerability, for me, is gut wrenching. It's so hard that it makes me cry just typing these words. But I also openly admit to them that raw truth, openness, mindfulness, empathy, and ultimately love are a few avenues that lead to an abundant life. A full life that is so nourishing it gives not just to you, but to others, and ultimately back to God. Isn't that what God intended for us, to not just exist, but live life more abundantly?

Everyday that I wake up, it is another opportunity for me to go back to the drawing board of life and make an attempt to get something right. And for that, I am grateful. So today, even without quite knowing how, I choose to be optimistic. I choose to see the hand of God in everything. I choose to search for the lesson when I do not see the blessing. And I choose to love for nothing in return. Today, it is just that simple for me. But more than that, I choose to remember that, no matter what comes my way, #hautemomsrock........Godspeed

*and she breathes...*

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