This morning at the end of service, our pastor asked for the elders, those age 70 and older, to step out into the middle aisle and be recognized in commemoration of black History month. He wanted to pray a prayer of Thanksgiving for them still being with us, as well as petition God for special blessings over the rest of their days in the earth. He advised us, if we were close enough, to touch one of them so that we could receive spiritual impartations of anointings, gifts, wisdom, whatever we could gleam from them. As I stood there, I grabbed hands with our pastor's mother, who is so dear to me. She has always been so kind, always giving me godly wisdom every time she sees me. "How is your family?" she would ask and then coach me right there on the spot on whatever she thought I needed to know that day.

 As our pastor begin to pray and I held her hand, something begin to happen. I begin to feel something in my hand that moved up my arm and through my body, and a cool breeze came over me. As I relaxed my body to receive whatever God had for me, a well of water sprang up in my soul. With my eyes closed, I begin to "see" running water, and my body felt light in weight as if I could float away. As my pastor continued to pray, I heard him plea for yokes to be destroyed. He instructed us to cast our cares (burdens) onto the Lord because He (God) cares about us. At the same time, an image of water coming up through the ground became my temporary setting. The longer he prayed, the more energy I could feel transferring between our grasp. With every second, the water in my illusion increased, seemingly breaking through the fallow ground I did not even know was inside of me. Eventually, the water was erupting from the ground as if an underground pipe had burst. When the prayer was over, she and I embraced. Once I was in her arms, tears begin to fall from my eyes as if my soul had just given them permission. My body became limp, but the love of God in her and for me kicked in and somehow gave her the strength to hold me up. She patiently stood there and held me, thanked God, and just loved on me until God was finished with me and I was finished with Him. After my release, she put her hand over my heart and said softly to me, "Everything is alright now." She didn't say everything is GOING TO BE alright. She simply said it IS alright. In other words, it is already done.

I do not know exactly what happened this morning; nor do I desire or need to know. Whatever transpired will manifest in due season. But I do know that there is a purpose for everything we go through in our lives and that nothing is wasted, not even our tears. It is all working to cultivate us and to get us to our "expected end", our destiny. So be encouraged. Understand that we may have to cry sometimes, but that it is all a part of our human experience in the earth. It is all a part of journey. It is necessary.

Tears connect us to parts of ourselves we cannot express or effectively communicate. They sometimes reveal parts of our inner being we did not know existed. Sometimes when we cry, we do not even know why we are crying. But there is something about the release of tears that cleanses us. The floodgates open and release things that are bound within us. The release can be that of joy or that of sorrow, but it is a part of life. For in the book of Ecclesiastics, there is a time for everything. Godspeed....



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