What I Learned From Whitney, the movie

Tonight Lifetime debuted Whitney, the biopic television movie about the late great Whitney Houston. Trending on social media, there was more than enough feedback of reviews of what everyone thought it was or what it should or could have been. I personally loved it. And I believed it. In my opinion, the purpose of this movie was to show the journey of her downward spiral. Singing was what she did; it was not who she was. It is apparent that she desired to be loved for the woman she truly was instead romanticized for who others perceived her to be.

Most would remark that she had a strong support system in her family, and she did. I am sure that she, herself, would never dispute that. However, to no fault of their own, sometimes family can look at you through the eyes of who they taught you to be, who they raised you to be. Often times, it is difficult for them to accept that sometimes they do not know everything about you, or even concerning you. And when you are as gifted and anointed as Whitney Houston was, I am sure that ALL they ever tried to do was protect her to the best of their abilities.

Angela Bassett ingeniously did a great job of foreshadowing the ordered steps of her life. She shared with the audience Whitney's fascination with the movie, "Sparkle," which ironically turned out to be the last movie she made before her untimely death. She told the story of Whitney's affection for Irene Cara's ability to belt out a song. Yet, ironically, her life seemed to parallel Sister's, the beautiful character brilliantly played by Lonette McKee. Ms. Bassett beautifully captured the pure essence of the attraction that ultimately turned into a tumultuous relationship with Bobby Brown.

Two hours is very short period of time to tell a person's life story. However, for a Lifetime movie, I enjoyed it. The casting could not have been any better. Yaya DeCosta did the best job anyone could possibly have done in portraying someone as incomparable as The Voice.  There will never be another like Whitney Houston, and this movie is just one more reason she will never been forgotten. #hautemomsrock


  1. I totally agree, I thought it was very good and I am glad that Angela did the research and talking with the family as to what would be revealed in the movie. You're never going to satisfy everyone but as long as the family were OK, who are we to add our two cents cause we sho' don't have no coins to buy an opinion,just saying


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