Today's Good Stuff

I MADE myself get out of bed today. I literally had to "will" myself to move. But I'm glad I did. As I ventured outside the house, I pressed my way to the place where I find peace: the lake. Here are few things I was told:
  • ALWAYS love yourself. Learn how to meet your own needs but NEVER at the expense of others. In EVERYTHING you do, do it in love ONLY with the expectation of nothing in return. When you truly learn to bless others, God will bless you with the desires of His heart for you......
  • Take one day at a time.
  • Breathe.
  • Deposit into your own love bank.
  • Encourage yourself.
I am learning self-compassion. I am learning to give myself a break. I am, for goodness sake, only human. I have to let go of the notion that I have to "be" a certain way. God created me to be exactly who and what I am. Perfectly imperfect. Beautifully flawed. And the Holy Spirit reminded me, as well, to NEVER forget.....#hautemomsrock


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