There are 25 people (including my sister & 3 girls) who made me believe in myself. And THEN they WROTE about it.

Habakkak 2 instructs us to write down the things God places inside of us. Every dream, vision, idea, thought, message has a purpose and an appointed time. However, it cannot come to fruition without our faith or our actions.

Whatever God has given you to do is a mandate that is designed to build and add growth to others. These tasks are not to be controlled but protected and executed through our obedience and due diligence to the divine power of God working within us.

The hard part is waiting, as sometimes we have no idea what the end is going to be or what it will look like. Jeremiah 29:11 assures us that we all have an expected end. Yet everything and everyone must go through a process.

Be encouraged. Know that your labor is not in vain. There are a great cloud of witnesses cheering you on. Angels are encamped around you. No weapon formed against you can harm you. Build the stamina you need to endure hard times. Do not run from discomfort, as great things do not occur in comfort zones. And never forget: #hautemomsrock


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