This year has already brought the goods! And the best part is that I m already getting #takeaways...you know, lessons learned and/or wisdom/knowledge gained from situations or circumstances that you go thru. 

One of the most surprising #takeaways from an impromptu trip to the Concrete Jungle is stay open and be ready for whatever! We went to New York City just because we found GREAT tickets online (actually, Shunnie found GREAT tickets online.) Everybody lined up their days off, babysitters (that would be me), and rides to the airport in order to make it happen (shout out to our support systems). During one of our final group emails, Shony suggested that we try to get tickets to her favorite morning show, Good Morning America. After submitting seven different requests, we were finally notified that we approved for seven tickets on Monday, January 23rd.

Once we were there, my sister, Ti, and I were held up by the zippers on our Gap jeans that kept setting off the metal detector as the rest of our party was led upstairs and into the studio. But thank God, Security finally understood that it was not us, but our zippers, that had the issue.

Upon entering the studio, it was clear that it was going to be a great show. Long story SHORT, #weinhere2017 (our trip hashtag) was in the building!!!!

Check us out!!!!


Here are a few more of pics of NYC adventures:

I look forward to sharing more #takeaways with you as we share time and space in the earth and in cyberspace. I return to work tomorrow and am excited to see the kiddos, too. Have a great week, do work, be a blessing to someone else, and ALWAYS remember: #hautemomsrock!!!


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