Have ever been in a place where you just wanted to quit? Things just seem to be hard. So much so, that sometimes, they begin to seem impossible. The plans you made are not working out how you imagined they would. But the alternatives that are presented before you just won't cut it. Never before have you felt so lost, so displaced, misunderstood. Those who say they love you and would always be there for you no matter what seem to be the ones who bring the most discouragement. Friends you thought were really your friends look at you as they never knew you. Some days, loneliness abounds. Other days, peace comes to visit but not to stay. But consistency is definitely not dependable....yeah, I've been in this place before.

Then one day, you decide to stop (not quit) and look around. When you look behind you, your past seems like a lifetime ago. It's almost as if it happened to someone else. And in a way, I guess it did. Most people will tell you, "Don't look back!" But a lot of times, it's necessary to see the trials, the troubles, the attacks against your mind and your body. You can see the pain that has tried to attach itself to your soul.

But somewhere in the midst of you looking around, you have to sit still, talk to God. Suddenly the trials, troubles, attacks appear to be small victories that the two of you (God and you) have gotten thru. Those who caused you pain are not as important to you as they used to be. You notice that the illnesses and attacks against your body were not unto death. The nervous breakdowns you were scheduled for were cancelled. Then hopefully your perspective begins to change.

If you keep looking after your perspective begins to change, you'll see that you've come too far to turn around. So you might as well keep going. Hold on to the things of God, His love, which is His greatest gift. Become a student of life. Become your own teacher. Become your personal muse for where God leads you, not where you're driven. Hold fast to your dreams. Get still. Love more. Empty out, so that you can be filled with more goodness, with more of the Holy Spirit, so that you can journey on to the purpose in which you were created for before you were ever in your mother's womb (Jeremiah 29:11). Please know that God never lied to you. He needs you to know that. He never lied to you..............happy trails to you. And never forget that #hautemomsrock!


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