Lately I've been feeling "some kind of way" about this thing called RESPECT. According to Wikipedia, it is defined as a positive feeling of esteem or deference for a person or other entity, and also specific actions and conduct representative of that esteem. To feel or show regard for; to avoid violating; to show consideration for, treat courteously or kindly (www.freedictionary.com, retrieved December 17, 2014).

Being that the holidays are upon us, most of us will be getting together with others for family gatherings, office parties, kids' Christmas programs, etc. There will be many exchanges of gifts, time, thoughts, and energies. As overwhelming as everything can be, RESPECT is one underlined factor that can influence the effects of all of these exchanges. Here are a few things to consider:

-RESPECT is not always about you.

-Your RESPECT is not your gift to someone else. It is a sign of your character.

-Yes, RESPECT is earned, but how many of us are actually paid what we are worth? Therefore, do not expect others to value your respect as much as you do.

-RESPECT is not the same as tolerance. There is a big difference.

-RESPECT is a sure sign of emotional intelligence and awareness.

-Do not expect to be treated with utmost RESPECT just because of who you are. Essentially, no one cares.

-Levels of RESPECT vary from person to another. Everyone is different.

-RESPECT yourself!

The bottom line is this season, as well as your life in general, can go as smoothly as you perceive it. Give out what you want in return, but do not give to receive. RESPECT God, yourself, and others, and never forget: #hautemomsrock!!!


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